Trama 3D

Chapter 02

Chapter 02 provides a new narrative of Jacquard technique, based on an industrial process derived from airbag manufacturing and 3D detailing.

All products are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Garment dyed anti-drop treated.

By using Jacquard looms, it is possible to create complex patterns directly in the fabric through the automatic movement of the warp thread.

The collection has been developed with Limonta | 1893, an industrial group operating in the textile weaving and finishing sectors.


Trama 3D's development process started from a key premise: innovating the classic jacquard technique.

Garments are created starting from a single yarn, developing an entire panel with placed elements, such as logo applications. Once the panel was created, the fabric was laser cut, mapping all the components.

Subsequently, the design process has evolved to incorporate pockets and details into the fabric, achieving three-dimensional effects.

The 3D construction of the pockets is based on the industrial process used in airbag manufacturing, reducing the number of seams to a minimum.

The use of garment dyeing was the final refinement to accentuate the cuts of the jacquard construction and add chromatic depth.

Garments are created starting from a single yarn, developing an entire panel with placed elements, such as logo applications.

An innovative take on the Jacquard technique, Chapter 02 garments have been developed through Limonta's cutting-edge expertise in weaving. Founded in 1893 in Costa Masnaga (Italy), Limonta is a company that has grown and developed in one of Europe's oldest areas of textile tradition. Always focused on creativity and the search for excellence, Limonta has specialised in the integration of finishing and textile production, becoming abenchmark for the international fashion, furniture, and automotive sectors.

The UNITS embody Massimo Osti Studio’s modern uniform concept: minimalist designs, relaxed fits, and distinctive chromatic tones. Made from a soft, lightweight cotton jersey, all garments feature a printed logo detail on the chest.SHOP NOW
Chapter 01: Alcantara® is the perfect synthesis of Massimo Osti's design principles, featuring a fabric originally developed for a different industry and characterized by unexpected materiality and outstanding performance. Combined with an innovative construction technique based on heat-sensitive bonded mesh tapes, these garments define a new aesthetic driven by functionality.VIEW CHAPTER



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