Exploration in utility

Chapter 04: Massimo Osti Studio X Leatherman

'Exploration in Utility', in collaboration with Leatherman, recalls the multidisciplinary approach of Massimo Osti, an innovator and inventor beyond the field of clothing, constantly in touch with different industries to extend his research around multi-functional design.

Chapter 04 introduces a modular vest crafted from recycled polyester yarns and hydrophobic microfiber, equipped with two concealable waterproof panels and detachable graphene padding. The collaboration also includes Leatherman's signature ARC® tool, featuring customized logo.

Function-driven design

Curiosity can lead to innovation, discovery, and new inventions. Massimo Osti has developed all his creative projects based on this principle, immersing himself in industries outside the clothing sector.

His multidisciplinary approach has led him to propose new design models for scooters, conceive a voice-controlled device to interact with the telephone, develop safety backpacks for the Ministry of Transport, prototype audiobooks and many other unconventional ideas.

The Leatherman Vest features two ultrasonically welded PVC front panels with waterproof zip pockets. The vest can be worn in two ways: with the panels stowed behind the front of the vest, accessible through side or frontal cavities when unzipped, or with the panels deployed externally clipped across the chest for ready use.

In addition, the vest's modular construction includes inserts in the neck, front and back panels, allowing packable graphene padding to be added and removed for year-round adaptation.

Modular vest crafted in recycled polyester yarns and hydrophobic microfibre, featuring two ultrasonically welded PVC front panels, reflecting the multi-functional structure of Leatherman tools.
The CONTINUATIVE collection by Massimo Osti Studio presents a series of pieces that redefine the contemporary wardrobe. Each item in the collection is available in four colourways, from the most basic (black and white) to the most eclectic (purple and yellow).SHOP NOW
Chapter 03: Exploring and drawing on Massimo Osti's Archive, Chapter 03 reflects the Italian designer's ongoing research and experimentation with apparel's transformability, military-inspired camouflage prints and mesh-structured fabric. Following this approach, garments are crafted in Tecnomesh, a bi-stretch fabric, 80% nylon and 20% elastane, woven on Raschel looms.VIEW CHAPTER
Chapter 02: Trama 3D provides a new narrative of Jacquard technique, based on an industrial process derived from airbag manufacturing and 3D detailing. All products are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Garment dyed anti-drop treated. The collection has been developed with Limonta | 1893, an industrial group operating in the textile weaving and finishing sectors.VIEW CHAPTER
Chapter 01: Alcantara® is the perfect synthesis of Massimo Osti's design principles, featuring a fabric originally developed for a different industry and characterized by unexpected materiality and outstanding performance. Combined with an innovative construction technique based on heat-sensitive bonded mesh tapes, these garments define a new aesthetic driven by functionality.VIEW CHAPTER



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