About sailing

Chapter 05: Massimo Osti Studio X Alberto Riva

'About Sailing' celebrates Massimo Osti and Alberto Riva's shared passion for the sea, combining the apparel technical and functional characteristics with the evocative and introspective side of sailing.

The Chapter introduces Satin Rubber, a double garment-dyed cotton satin coated with a polyurethane film. The '201' detail on the items, embroidered or printed, pays homage to Alberto Riva's '201 Acrobatica' boat.


Sailing combines technique and the poetic act. Emotions, introspection, concentration, and adaptability are involved in a constant dialogue between the human and the sea.

The collaborative project between Massimo Osti Studio and Alberto Riva explores the dimension of solo sailing from two perspectives.

For Riva, sailing represents a sporting challenge where every detail is crucial. The unpredictability of sailing requires a strategic and decision-making approach based entirely on one’s skills, experience, and intuition.

For Massimo Osti, the sea has always been a source of introspection and poetic inspiration, an escape from the frenzy of work where he can reconnect with himself and find a sense of inner peace.

At the same time, sailing clothing has been a driving force for further research into functionality and technical design.

The CONTINUATIVE collection by Massimo Osti Studio presents a series of pieces that redefine the contemporary wardrobe. Each item in the collection is available in four colourways, from the most basic (black and white) to the most eclectic (purple and yellow).SHOP NOW
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