Massimo Osti (1944 - 2005)

Massimo Osti came to fashion as a graphic designer and not as a stylist (fashion designer). He approached his work as a graphic designer and communicator.

His most common working tools were pen and paper, used to capture everything in his notebooks. It was there that all his creations and visions came to life. Discover more here

‘Innovation, research, experimentation, the combination of different materials: these are the distinguishing features of a designer who created a unique style and changed the rules of fashion by travelling along an unknown path in the then-classic world of textiles, leading him to the invention of futuristic material mixes and the discovery, before all others, of the fabrics of “today”.’ - Franca Sozzani
‘Massimo Osti was the ingenious interpreter of the creative know-how that is the foundation of the uniqueness of Made in Italy. In him converged all the different requirements and abilities that are present along the textile-clothing fashion chain. His professional philosophy and technological innovations blazed new trails in the world of fashion and justifiably earned him recognition as “most influential man in menswear of the 90s” by Arena Homme Plus’. - Paolo Zegna
A Talk About Massimo Osti With...

Five of the most important figures on the fashion scene discuss the influence of the Italian designer throughout their respective careers.

#1Eugene Rabkin: Eugene Rabkin, founder of the fashion media platform StyleZeitgeist, discovered Massimo Osti's work accidentally. Since then, the obsessive study of his work has been a complete journey.

#2Gareth Skewis: Massimo Osti's influence on modern sportswear, product design and innovative techniques remains one of the leading forces. Gareth Skewis, co-founder of PALACE Skateboards, explains Osti's impact on his brand and its ever-growing personality.

#3David Fischer: David Fischer, the founder of media and creative agency HIGHSNOBIETY, recalls Massimo Osti's futuristic vision anticipating today's trends back in the 80s and 90s.

#4Nick Sullivan: Interviewed in his New York studio, Nick Sullivan, creative director of Esquire magazine, describes Massimo Osti's work as a breakthrough in modern menswear, thanks to maniacal research into fabrics, authenticity in design and the creation of "uniforms researched in detail with a long history".

#5Errolson Hugh: Massimo Osti's method of photocopying, glueing together different garments and assembling them into hybrid and innovative design prototypes most influenced Errolson Hugh, founder and CEO of ACRONYM®.