A Talk About Massimo Osti With...Five of the most important figures on the global fashion scene discuss about the influence of the Italian designer throughout their respective careers.

#1 Eugene Rabkin: Eugene Rabkin, founder of the fashion media platform StyleZeitgeist, discovered Massimo Osti's work accidentally. Since then, the obsessive study of his work has been a complete journey.

#2 Gareth Skewis: Massimo Osti's influence on modern sportswear, product design and innovative techniques remains one of the leading forces. Gareth Skewis, co-founder of PALACE Skateboards, explains Osti's impact on his brand and its ever-growing personality.

#3 David Fischer: David Fischer, the founder of media and creative agency HIGHSNOBIETY, recalls Massimo Osti's futuristic vision anticipating today's trends back in the 80s and 90s.

#4 Nick Sullivan: Interviewed in his New York studio, Nick Sullivan, creative director of Esquire magazine, describes Massimo Osti's work as a breakthrough in modern menswear, thanks to maniacal research into fabrics, authenticity in design and the creation of "uniforms researched in detail with a long history".

#5 Errolson Hugh: Massimo Osti's method of photocopying, glueing together different garments and assembling them into hybrid and innovative design prototypes most influenced Errolson Hugh, founder and CEO of ACRONYM®.